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· Kitchen Cabinet Promotion Merdeka 2017

Kitchen Cabinet Merdeka 2017 Package Well! New kitchen cabinet promotion package launched. Since the day we launched the complete set that comes with kitchen cabinet and...

· Kitchen Cabinet & Wardrobe Package 2017

Package for Kitchen Cabinet & Wardrobe Bought a new house? Or, going to renovate your house? Looking for a reliable and affordable kitchen cabinet and wardrobe...

· Kitchen Cabinet Money Saving Package 2017

Kitchen Cabinet Money Saving Promotion Good news! We have again launched another kitchen cabinet promotion package similar to year end sale last year. This promotion package...

· Kitchen Cabinet Promotion Package 2017

Kitchen Cabinet Promotion February 2017 Good news! We have launched a very first kitchen cabinet package for the year in 2017. This kitchen cabinet package comes...

· Kitchen Cabinet Year End Sale 2016

Kitchen Cabinet Year End Sale Good news! Recently, we have launched a new kitchen cabinet promotion. This is Year End Sale for the year in 2016. This...

· Kitchen Cabinet completed at Puncak Alam

Kitchen Cabinet completed at Puncak Alam We have recently completed a kitchen cabinet for our customer who located at Bandar Puncak Alam, Shah Alam. We...

· Year End Kitchen Cabinet Promotion 2015

Xmas & Year End Kitchen Cabinet Promotion 2015 Good news!! Really good news! Our new kitchen cabinet promotion has finally come and launched to public....

· Kitchen Cabinet Hari Raya Promotion 2015

Kitchen Cabinet Promotion For Hari Raya Seasons [it’s expired] We wish all our muslim customers a Selamat Hari Raya in 2015 in advance! Here we...

· About Melamine Chipboard & MDF Board

MDF Board & Melamine Chipboard Many people asking, what are the differences between melamine board and MDF board. Some of our customer also thought both...

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