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8ft Kitchen Cabinet
+ Tall & Fridge Unit
Only at RM7,699nett!!
(FREE UPGRADE to Quartz Top)

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· Kitchen Cabinet at Residensi KM1, Bukit Jalil.

Kitchen Cabinet Completed at KM1, Bukit Jalil Well! We have recently completed a cabinetry project at Residensi KM1 located at Bukit Jalil. Do you own...

· Kitchen Cabinet completed at Jalan Bukit Kuda

Kitchen Cabinet completed at Klang Well! We have recently completed a project at Jalan Bukit Kuda, which located in an area in Klang. This house...

· Kitchen Cabinet completed in Maskiara

Kitchen Cabinet In Maskiara Residences Again Well well well! We have again completed the kitchen cabinet in Maskiara Residences. This design comes with L-shape and...

· Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Completed at Lake Vista

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet At Lake Vista Puchong Well! We have completed another set of kitchen cabinet in a town house located in Lake Vista Puchong....

· Kitchen Cabinet Completed at Setia Alam

Kitchen Cabinet Setia Alam Are you a visitor from Setia Alam? Or you have own a house in Setia Alam? Well! This kitchen cabinet completed...

· Kitchen Cabinet for Maskiara Residences

Kitchen Cabinet for Maskiara Residences TTDI Do you know where is this Condo located? This condo is located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail(TTDI) where nearby...

· Kitchen Cabinet 3D Drawing

Kitchen Cabinet 3D Design in Minutes Many has been asking, after on-site measurement, whether we provide 3D design for their kitchen cabinet design. Actually yes!...

· Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Completed at Maskiara

Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Again, we have completed another set of acrylic kitchen cabinet at Maskiara Residences. This set was built at Intan Tower. There are...

· Kitchen Design For Your House

Kitchen Design That Suits Your Needs Kitchen design consultation is a part of our service that provided for free, when you call us for on-site...

· Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia

Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia JT DesiGn is a trusted kitchen cabinet company based in Malaysia. We started our business since August 2012 and we have already...

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