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8ft Kitchen Cabinet
+ Tall & Fridge Unit
Only at RM7,699nett!!
(FREE UPGRADE to Quartz Top)

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Kitchen Cabinet, Wardobe & Shoe Cabinet

Good news! Our YEAR END SALE has launched. Get everything that you ever wanted for your house at only RM21,300nett. Many has been asking if we have a full set package for a house. Yes! Now we go.

You Get Everything You Want

With this package, you’ll get 1 set of Quartz Top kitchen cabinet with appliances and accessories, 1 set of sliding door wardrobe, 1 set of swing door wardrobe and 1 set of shoe cabinet. Further more, this package comes with a well known brand hood and hob for kitchen cabinet. It’s SENZ®. Besides SENZ®, We have some other brands for you to choose from. We have Rubine™, Faber, Rinnai®, Fotile. We are authorized dealer of these brands.

Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet with 5ft Bar Counter


*Quartz top is compulsory to take along with this package. Otherwise, no deduction is available if you choose HPL worktop, solid surface or build your own concrete table.


  • Base unit with Quartz Top: 17ft
  • Wall unit: 7ft
  • Tall unit: 2ft
  • Fridge: 3ft
  • Bar Table with Quartz Top: 5ft(height: bar height)
  • All cabinets come with standard depth and height only.

Standard Sizes

  • Base unit: depth 550mm, height 700mm+100mm(skirting)
  • Tall unit: depth 550mm, height 2100mm+ 100mm(skirting)
  • Wall unit: depth 350mm, height 700mm+50mm(pelmet)
  • Fridge unit: depth 550mm, height up to 400mm+50mm(pelmet)

*50mm pelmet for wall unit and fridge unit can be removed if not necessary.
*for those customers who want to have T5 lights under the wall unit, 50mm pelmet is needed.
*Making wall unit/fridge unit/tall unit all the way up to ceiling will be charged additional and it depends on height of the ceiling.

All These Are Yours

  1. SENZ® SZ-CH128SH-B Invisible MultiHood Black
  2. SENZ® SZ-GS188i 3+1 Flame Twin Burner Gas Hob
  3. 2-bowl sink
  4. 2-pillar water tap
  5. Undermount soft-closing drawer runner
  6. Faber Deep Fryer
  7. Premium Bottle Rack

*All swing door comes with soft-closing door hinges without additional cost.
*Items mentioned “All These Are Yours” are meant to be yours. Therefore, all of them must be taking together along the package. Or you have the option of replace or upgrading to different series only. It’s not removable from package.

Anti Jump Sliding Wardrobe


  • Width: 6ft
  • Height: up to 10ft only

*additional will be charged if your ceiling height is more than 10ft.


  • Top door style: Melamine abs
  • Bottom door style: Anti jump sliding door
  • Carcass: MFC(white)
  • Handle: Aluminium built-in handle(swing door only)

*change of handle design would cost additional

Anti Jump Sliding Design

  • Frosted glass mix melamine board
  • Fully frosted glass(black or white)
  • Fully melamine board

*Adding mirrors to sliding door requires additional cost.
*Wardrobe comes with 1 lock for first drawer without additional cost.

Swing Door Wardrobe


  • Width: 5ft
  • Height: up to 10ft only

*additional will be charged if your ceiling height is more than 10ft.


  • Door style: Melamine ABS
  • Carcass: MFC(white)
  • Handle: Aluminium knob

*change of handle design would cost additional

Shoe Cabinet


  • Width: 4ft
  • Height: 8ft


  • Door style: Melamine ABS
  • Carcass: MFC(white)
  • Handle: Aluminium Knob

*change of handle design would cost additional

What You See, What You Get

Be Different

With this package, you can still have the option of upgrading to a different door style for your kitchen.

Door style upgrade

  • Add RM2,700 to upgrade door style to 3G glass door or acrylic door.
  • Add RM3,000 to upgrade door style to acrylic door.
  • Add RM2,700 to upgrade door style to 4G glass door(regular: RM3,500).

*all prices for door style upgrading listed above are subject to package dimension only.
*price above is just for upgrading door style only. End Panels will still remain melamine abs unless upgrade for end panels as well.

Worktop Upgrade

The worktop in this package is already QUARTZ TOP. Unless, you want to upgrade it to high-end quartz top like SAMSUNG, OKITE and etc. By the way, our quartz top is good enough for your kitchen.

*by taking this package, downgrading to cheaper worktop is not available.

Carcass Material Upgrade

  • Add RM350 to get Blockboard sink carcass(regular: RM450)
  • Add RM850 to get Aluminium sink carcass(regular: RM990)

*it’s for sink portion only.
*max-width: 900mm or top up for extra if longer.

*Any option above is recommended to take as it lasts longer against pipe leakage.

Contact Us

Why wait? Pick your phone up and contact us now to schedule an appointment for onsite visit. We don’t charge you for a single penny if your house is located within our coverage area.

We are reachable at 019-431 3351. You may obtain more contact details on our contact information page.

Contact us by whatsapp:

Fill up this form to make appointment for onsite visit:

Terms & Conditions

  • Package comes with appliances and accessories as mentioned “All These Are Yours“. Refer to banner.
  • Appliances and accessories must be sold together.
  • Glass backsplash/Oven/Mirowave/Fridge displayed in picture(kitchen cabinet) is not included. It’s for design purpose only.
  • The quartz top must be taken along the package.
  • No deduction is available if your kitchen is smaller than this package offers.
  • Top up at normal rate if your kitchen requires longer length to fit in.
  • No discount is available on promotion campaign and top up items.
  • Upfront payment for reservation of this package is non-refundable.
  • Free transportation and installation for houses located within our coverage areas only. We cover most of the areas in Klang Valley(some areas in Klang Valley are not covered). Check with us if your location covered. Otherwise, transportation is required.
  • Delivery of goods, costs from RM200 – RM2,000. Depends on location.
  • 3D drawing will only be prepared when we received payment for order confirmation.
  • If customers insist on 3D drawing prior to order confirmation, we will collect a RM300 per drawing as upfront payment(non refundable if customers decided NOT to engage with us).
  • 3D drawing for promotion banner is only for illustration purposes.
  • Plumbing and wiring works are EXCLUDED.
  • Customers shall assign their own plumber/electrician to fix their works accordingly.
  • If customers insist on our service for plumbing, there will be a charges(RM200) for labor. And, there is no warranty for pipe leakage issue.
  • Booking period: 14th September 2018 – 30th November 2018.
  • This package is for installation within 1 December 2018 to 31 March 2018.

JT DesiGn™

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