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Kitchen Cabinet Year End Sale

Good news! Recently, we have launched a new kitchen cabinet promotion. This is Year End Sale for the year in 2016.

This promotion is suitable for those who may need only cabinet(assume that they have already bought all the appliances and accessories). But, we have good deals in appliances and worktop if you haven’t already bought any appliances. Please read further to learn more about this package.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

Kitchen cabinet design in this package is best suit for those straight kitchen areas with 10 feet plus. If your kitchen is L-shaped, this package is still suitable for you.

Value For Money

In this promotion, you will get a kitchen cabinet with a crazy price. Besides this, there are also kitchen appliances, kitchen worktops, accessories selling as purchase with purchase deal which we offer to sell at special low price that beat the market.

Package Dimension

  • Base unit with hpl worktop: 10 feet
  • Wall unit: 10 feet
  • Drawer: 3 pcs

Free Gifts To Be Given Away

This package comes with 3 free gifts. Free gifts are dishrack(grade: 304ss), spoon tray(basic type) and soft-closing hinges(for swing doors only). These 3 items will be given away and not able to change to other things as this has been decided by our marketing department.

Package Materials

By default, the promotion price is RM2,999. This price is base on melamine abs + HPL worktop. But, some people would ask that, if there is any option available for other material like 3G glass door or acrylic. Yes! We do.

Below tells you the amount you have to top up if you want to choose different material.

  1. Add RM1,400 to upgrade to 3G glass door.
  2. Add RM1,600 to upgrade to Acrylic door.
  3. Add RM1,900 to upgrade to 4G glass door.

Purchase with Purchase

Hood and hob

  • Get Faber slim hood with gas cooker at RM699(regular: RM799)
  • Get Rubine chimney hood with gas cooker at RM1,600(regular: RM1,918)
  • Get Faber chimney hood with gas cooker at RM1,500(regular: RM1,800)
  • Get Elba chimney hood with gas cooker at RM1,600(regular: RM1900)


Color Availability

NO color limitation(can choose any color from catalog).

Terms & conditions


  • This package excludes appliances and accessories(free items mentioned above will be given away).
  • Free items are not available to switch to other things.
  • HPL worktop is not available to be deducted or exchange.
  • This package comes with standard height.
  • No deduction is available if your kitchen is smaller than the dimension our package offers.
  • Top up at normal rate if your kitchen size is bigger than our package dimension.
  • No discount is available on this promotional campaign.
  • No discount is available on any top up item.
  • Upfront payment for promotion reservation is non-refundable.
  • Free delivery & installation within our coverage area(check with us if your area is covered).
  • Valid till’ 31st December 2016.

Works That Excluded

Since the day we started our business, we don’t involve in any plumbing and wiring works. If customers insist on this service, we would outsource it to the guy we used to work with. But, no warranty is provided.

  • Customer shall engage their own plumber/contractor for pipe relocation, build concrete top and hacking works.
  • Customer shall engage their own plumber for pipe fixing for basin and water tap when cabinet installation is completed.
  • Customer shall engage their own electrician for their wiring issue.

PWP Deals – Worktop

  • PWP deal for worktop is for 10ft only. The rest will be calculated at normal rate if longer than 10ft.
  • Solid surface, granite and quartz stone will be sold at normal rate if base unit is shorter than 10ft.
  • Hole cutting will be charged separately. This job costs RM150 per hole.

PWP Deals – Appliances

  • PWP deals for hood and hob are selected brands/models.
  • Ducting hose is excluded. Get it from us at RM79(regular: Rm120). It ables to extend to 8ft long.

Material Upgrade

  • Price show for material upgrade is only for dimension as package offer. Top up at normal rate is required for extra length.

Contact Us

Still wait? Pick your phone up and call our sales team for onsite measurement and grab our latest promotion. You may contact us at 0143382833 or 0163062016 or drop us a line at [email protected]

Package Reservation

This promotion package is open for reservation with upfront payment. Booking lasts for 1 year.


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