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Package for Kitchen Cabinet & Wardrobe

kitchen-cabinet-wardrobe-package-2017Bought a new house? Or, going to renovate your house? Looking for a reliable and affordable kitchen cabinet and wardrobe to fit your kitchen and rooms? Good news! We have a jumbo package that meets your needs.

Recently, we have launched a perfect jumbo package that fits almost the needs of your entire house. With this kitchen cabinet and wardrobe promotion package, it comes with all the things you ever wanted. And, the most important is that to save you money. Let us tell you more about this package. I’m sure you’ll be loving this.

Items Included in Package

In this package priced RM17,000.00, comes with 1 set of kitchen cabinet(dimension as mentioned on banner), 1 set of anti jump sliding door wardrobe, and 2 sets of swing door wardrobe. Don’t worry! Although it is under promotion package, but we will still giving at least what it should have in a kitchen cabinet(shelves and drawer) and wardrobe(drawers, drawer lock, hanger rod and necessary shelves). The things you have to top up is almost ‘ZERO’ if your kitchen is exactly same as what our package offers.

Kitchen Cabinet

In this kitchen cabinet, it comes with door style in melamine abs and worktop is quartz stone. For other type of door style, like 3G glass door, Acrylic Door and 4G glass door, it is available by top up. Besides these, you will also get Faber Chimney Hood, Faber Gas Cooker(tempered glass design), quality water tap, quality 1-bowl sink, soft-close for all swing doors, undermount soft-closing runners for drawers(3 sets only), and spoon tray(basic type). Island cabinet is not included in this the price of this package. If you want it, please consult our sales team to get quote.

Dimension for kitchen cabinet

  • Base unit with Quartz Stone Worktop: 5100mm(17ft)
  • Wall unit: 2400mm(8ft)
  • Tall unit for oven(1 unit): 600mm(2ft)

*height and depth of cabinet are standard height.
*door style: melamine abs
*material: compressed chipboard

Standard height of cabinet carcass

  • Wall unit: 720mm + 50mm(pelmet)
  • Base unit: 720mm + 100mm(leg)
  • Tall unit: 2120mm + 100mm(leg)

Standard depth of Cabinet Carcass

  • Wall unit: 300mm
  • Base unit: 550mm
  • Tall unit: 550mm


You will get 1 set of anti jump sliding door wardrobe and 2 sets of swing door wardrobe in this package. Material for wardrobe is melamine abs. For wardrobe, there will be additional cost if any other accessories required to be adding to the wardrobe.

Dimension for anti jump sliding door wardrobe

  • Wardrobe carcass: W: 1800mm(6ft) x D: 550mm(2ft) x H: Up to 3000mm(10ft) height
  • Anti jump sliding door: W: 1800mm x H: 1900mm
  • Drawers: 3 nos
  • Drawer lock: 1 nos

Dimension for swing door wardrobe

  • Wardrobe carcass: W: 1500mm(5ft) x D: 550mm(2ft) x H: Up to 3000mm(10ft) height
  • Drawers: 3 nos
  • Drawer lock: 1 nos

Best Deal for Top Up

You may want some different door style to fit your taste of living. Please refer to what we have listed below.

Other Door Styles

  1. Add Rm1,800 to upgrade to 3G glass door.
  2. Add Rm2,100 to upgrade to Acrylic door.
  3. Add Rm2,600 to upgrade to 4G glass door.

*Top up price above is subject to the package size only.


  1. Add Rm350(max-width: 900mm) to upgrade to blockboard carcass for sink unit only.
  2. Add Rm680(max-width: 900mm) to upgrade to aluminium carcass for sink unit only.
  3. Add Rm150 to upgrade to 2-bowl sink.
  4. Add Rm150 to upgrade to 2-spout faucet.
  5. Add Rm180(reg: RM200) to get spice rack.

*Option 1 and option 2 are recommended to take for better protection against pipe leaking issue.

Contact us for booking

It’s hot now. Do not wait! Pick your phone up and contact us to grab this package. You may contact us at 019-431 3351 for any inquiries. We open 8 hours a day and 7 days a week. Reservation of this package is available with upfront deposit.

Terms & condition

  1. This package RM17,000 is for 1 set of kitchen cabinet(wall unit: 8ft, base unit: 17ft, 1 set of anti jump sliding door wardrobe, and 2 sets of swing door wardrobe.
  2. Materials are melamine faced chipboard(white), and door style is melamine abs.
  3. Kitchen cabinet is subject to standard height(720mm for wall and 720mm + 100mm for base unit) and depth(300mm for wall unit, 550mm for base unit).
  4. Additional cost is required for making it up to your ceiling height.
  5. Island is not included in this package.
  6. Drawing is just for display purpose only.
  7. Booking of this promotion package is available. Minimum booking fees is 20% of package price.
  8. Booking fees is not refundable. But, it can be used to purchase appliances, accessories from us.
  9. This package comes with all the mentioned appliances and accessories in banner.
  10. No deduction is available if your kitchen is shorter. You may consider of switching the unused length to build other cabinet.
  11. Top up at normal rate if you need extra length for your kitchen.
  12. No discount is available and top up at normal rate for additional items with no discount available.
  13. Dismantling of existing cabinet will be charged from RM380(depend on sizes) per item.
  14. Plumbing and wiring works are not included.
  15. Customer shall engage their own plumber/electrician for their related works accordingly.
  16. Labor charges will be imposed if customers insist on our installer to install something out of their works.
  17. 3D drawing will only be prepared for customers who placed booking/proceed the order.
  18. Customers who request to view the 3d drawing prior to confirmation of order, drawing fees is required from as low as 10% of the package price for per drawing. This can only be refunded upon confirmation of order. Or else, this drawing fees will be charged as fees for drawing preparation.
  19. This promotion package is only available within Klang Valley(some areas in Klang Valley requires transportation). Consult our sales team for more details.
  20. This package is valid till end of August 2017.

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Date: 2/05/2017 Category: Promotion

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