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Kitchen Cabinet Promotion Hari Raya Season

Good news! We have launched a good kitchen cabinet promotion for Hari Raya celebration in the year of 2016.

With this promotion, you will get all the accessories you wanted to fit your kitchen requirements. We bring you free from hassle of buying those accessories you ever needed.

We have it all for you! You will see those word “All These Are Yours” mentioned in promotion banner, which means all those you will get when you choose our promotion.

Appliances and Accessories

There were many customers asking what is the brand of the appliances we are giving away. We are not giving those unknown brands like “Mashimiro”, “MashiMasho”. We are dealing with Faber. To do so, customers able to get a big saving promotion but with quality products which make you free from hassle.

Items of “All These Are Yours” have been listed below:

  1. Faber Chimney Hood(1 year warranty(parts) + 5 year warranty(motor))
  2. Faber Tempered Glass Design Gas Cooker(1 year warranty)
  3. Quality Single Bowl Sink(top up rm150 to get double bowl)
  4. Quality Water Tap(top up to get 2-spout or better)
  5. Adjustable Spoon Tray
  6. Imported Soft-closing system for doors and drawer.
  7. Extra Free Gift: Vacuum Cleaner by Faber.


You have the option of choosing the package in different materials like 3G glass door, acrylic or 4G glass door.

Here are the prices:

  1. Add RM950 to get 3G Glass Door
  2. Add RM1,200 to get Acrylic Door
  3. Add RM1,500 to get 4G Glass Door

How to calculate to get the exact price? Just to add any of the price above to the package price with RM4,800. Then, that’s the answer you want. (example: RM950 + RM4,800 = RM5750 to get 3G glass door).

PWP Deals

Some customers wanted to add oven to their kitchen cabinet, but it may be very expensive to get it somewhere else. With this promotion, you can get Faber oven with just RM999(8-function and analog).

Booking Is Accepted

Your house is undergoing a renovation? Waiting for key releasing? For some reasons you unable to arrange for us to take measurement? No worry! Booking of this promotion is accepted by placing an upfront deposit, min(RM1,000).

Contact Us

Why wait? This promotion opens for only 1 month’s time. Contact us today to grab this promotion. You may get our contact information by visiting our contact page or fill up an online inquiry form, we will get back to you.



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Date: 17/06/2016 Category: Promotion

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