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(FREE UPGRADE to Quartz Top)

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Kitchen Cabinet Money Saving Promotion

Good news! We have again launched another kitchen cabinet promotion package similar to year end sale last year.

This promotion package comes with only cabinet(no appliances included) at a very crazy low price. This package is suitable for those people who have bought hood and hob by themselves, and look for cabinet only.

Kitchen Cabinet Design

No matter what shape your kitchen is, it is still suitable for you if your kitchen area is around 9ft length. If your kitchen cabinet is longer than this package? No worry! You have the option of getting the extra length by paying extra for the top up.

Value For Money

In this promotion, not only you will get cabinet at crazy price. There are also some products having crazy promotion like appliances, worktop for cabinet like solid surface and quartz stone.

Package Dimension

  1. Base unit with hpl worktop: 9 feet
  2. Wall unit: 6 feet
  3. Drawer: 3 pcs

Package Material

The price in this promotion is RM2,950, the material is melamine abs. You have the option of upgrading to different material like 3G glass door, acrylic door, 4g glass door, blockboard carcass(only for sink unit), aluminium carcass(only for sink unit).

Upgrade to different materials:

  1. Add RM1,400 to get 3G glass door.
  2. Add RM1,600 to get acrylic door.
  3. Add RM1,900 to get 4g glass door.
  4. Add RM350(regular: RM450) to upgrade to blockboard carcass for sink area.
  5. Add RM480(regular: RM650) to upgrade to fully pvc water proof carcass for sink area.
  6. Add RM580(regular: RM750) to upgrade to aluminium carcass for sink area.

*Option no.4/no.5/no.6 is recommended to take as it lasts longer when facing leaking issue.
*The price for blockboard, pvc carcass and aluminium carcass is subject to a max-width of 900mm only. Longer than mentioned width, extra cost would occur.

Free Gift to be Given Away

You will get practical free gift when you take this package. The gifts are single bowl sink and water tap(single spout).

Best Deals

You will also enjoy the continuous benefit from other products.

  • Solid surface worktop: RM150 per feet(normal rate: RM170 per feet)
  • Quartz stone worktop: RM190 per feet(normal rate: RM220 per feet)
  • Add RM150 to get 2 bowl sink.
  • Add RM100 to get 2-spout faucet.

*Promotion rate for solid surface and quartz stone are only eligible for order 10ft and above. Otherwise, normal rate will apply or charge 1 feet extra if shorter than 10 feet.

Contact us

Don’t wait! Contact us today to grab this limited time promotion package before it’s too late. We are reachable at 019-431 3351, everyday 10.30am – 7pm.

Terms & conditions

  • This price RM2,950 is for melamine abs + hpl worktop
  • This price RM2,950 is subject to selected colors as shown on banner. Otherwise, additional cost will occur.
  • Full payment is required upon confirmation of order.
  • Cabinet is subject to standard carcass height(700mm) and depth 300mm(for wall unit), 550mm(for base unit).
  • This promotion comes with no appliances and accessories.
  • Free gift as mentioned “single bowl sink + water tap” to be given away and not exchangeable.
  • No deduction is available if your kitchen is shorter.
  • No deduction is available to HPL worktop when upgrading to different type of worktop.
  • Minimum order for solid surface, granite & quartz stone worktop is 10 feet. Otherwise, there will be 1 feet extra charged for transportation fees(by supplier).
  • This package comes with base unit 9ft and wall unit 6ft.
  • Top up at normal rate if you need extra length to fit your kitchen.
  • No discount is available on promotional campaign and any top up item charged at normal rate.
  • Different color mix and match required additional charges.
  • Dismantling of existing cabinet will be charged from RM380.
  • Plumbing/wiring works is not included.
  • Customers shall engage their own plumber/wiring guy to fix their related works accordingly.
  • Labor charges will be imposed if customer insisted on our help for extra work.
  • Free onsite visit & delivery are only available for the areas we covered. Check with us if your area is covered. The areas we don’t cover required transportation on onsite visit and goods delivery.
  • No 3d drawing will be provided before confirmation of order.
  • Customers who request to view 3d drawing before confirmation will be charged with a drawing fees and it is refundable upon confirmation of order.
  • Promotion valid till 30th of June 2017

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Date: 8/03/2017 Category: Promotion

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