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Granite Top

Granite is an example of an igneous rock, meaning rock that forms when molten rock, or magma, cools near the surface of the earth. More specifically, granite is referred to as an intrusive igneous rock. The term intrusive refers to the fact that rocks that have cooled into solid form within or under the crust of the earth, as opposed to magma which was pushed to the surface or exploded into the atmosphere by volcanic activity, known as extrusive igneous rock. Intrusive igneous rock is also sometimes referred to as plutonic rock, in a reference to Pluto, god of the underworld. Because intrusive igneous rock cools at a slower rate beneath the earth’s surface than extrusive rocks, crystallization occurs more fully, creating the large crystals that give granite its characteristic mottled appearance.

Components in Granite Top

A variety of intrusive igneous rocks containing these elements are generally referred to as “granitite” and may sometimes be used interchangeably with true granite. Granite, however, is specifically defined by the proportions in which its various elements occur.

Characteristics and Uses

Granite’s naturally enduring qualities have lead to its association with strength and permanence, which may be why it is a popular choice for gravestones and memorial markers. It’s other characteristics, including a wide range of colors and patterns formed by its varying mineral crystals, have lead to its popularity both as a constructive material, as in paving stones, and in polished slabs used for facing stones and counter tops.

Advantages of Granite Top

Granite top is a good choice for putting on kitchen cabinet or on washing area in bathroom. Granite is also available to be your sink. Many of our customers chose granite as their sink and also granite top as their first option for kitchen cabinet top. Because it is more grandly look and a part of contemporary design in your house. Granite top is a best option for your kitchen design.