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3G Glass Door

3G Glass Door3G glass door actually is a spray glass which supported with a board at its back so that this type of door become more tough and heavy. Shining effect of glass door is much better compared to acrylic door as it’s made with glass. Our customers love it deeply as it makes their kitchen looks wider and nicer. There are many choices of color available to choose from, another one benefit you choosing 3g glass door for your kitchen cabinet is you will get recess handle along without paying any add on on that.

Advantages of 3G Glass Door

3G Glass Door is a product which is very easy to take care, as it won’t be scratched easily when you do cleaning at your kitchen. You can just using any type of cloth to wipe it.

Kitchen Design with 3G Glass Door

3G Glass Door is a part of contemporary design for kitchen cabinet, as there are many choices of colors available to choose from and easy to match to color of your wall.