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New website to serve you better

Over the years, we have been using this website www.jtdesign.my for such a long time. This website is not user friendly to those tablets and smartphone users which caused inconveniences to our users who use the said devices. Therefore, we decided to redesign our website.

Finally, we have created a new website with a different domain name. The new domain name of this website is www.jtdkitchen.com and this new website will be used for all types of purposes.

  • New updates about our company
  • New promotion packages
  • New activities
  • Ideas about kitchen cabinet, wardrobe and etc.
  • Ideas about interior design.
  • For blogging purposes.

More details about this website:

For your information, we will still keep this website alive. But, no more updates will be posted here. All the new updates will be posted on our new website only.

Our new website URL is www.jtdkitchen.com

Visit our new website to start finding ideas for your kitchen cabinet.

Enjoy browsing!

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Date: 8/04/2020 Category: Announcement, Latest News

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