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Mobile Website for Smartphone users

jt mobile siteAre you now surfing this website using smartphone? You may be facing the issues of navigation(unable to scroll down to see the full content) whenever surfing our main website using your smartphone, as it’s not user friendly to smartphone.

Few days passed, We have done our researches and analysis at our end, we realized that there are many people surfing internet, searching for photos, images using their smartphone, as smartphone is the best portable device for them to surf the internet, anytime, anywhere. Finally, we have launched a mobile site for JTDesiGn.

Click here to switch to mobile website –» Mobile Website

With this mobile website, it allows you fully experience the moment when you search for the images we have uploaded for the complete projects for kitchen, wardrobe, study table and etc.

Visit our mobile website now.


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Date: 17/12/2012 Category: Blog

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