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Melamine Kitchen Cabinet at Bukit Damansara

Well! We have recently completed a kitchen cabinet at Bukit Damansara , Lorong Batai Dalam. This owner decided to take our kitchen cabinet promotion for his second kitchen area. The material for this kitchen cabinet is Melamine ABS. Visit our kitchen cabinet gallery to view more designs.

Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

This kitchen cabinet promotion comes with Elba Slim Hood(1 year warranty), Elba Glass Stove(1 year warranty), Single Bowl Sink, Quality Water Tap, Soft-close hinges for swing door units and Spoon tray.

Top-up for Better

This customer paid extra for getting better sink and paid extra to get a dish-rack for his kitchen cabinet. Since we are offering our customers a very low price in kitchen cabinet promotion, if you want to get more accessories for your kitchen, you are required to pay for normal retail price to get them. Not to worry! Our retail price accessories are cheaper compared to companies out there.

Color Mixing

With us, you are allowed to choose two different colors for your wall unit and base unit for color mixing without extra charges. You have to know that companies out there would charge you for about 10% – 20% extra if you choose more than one color.

Contact us now

What are you waiting for? We are offering you a very low price in kitchen cabinet. We are also a top dealer in acrylic door, so that we able to sell our acrylic kitchen cabinet at a very affordable price. Contact us today to get your kitchen cabinet before new year comes.


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