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Kitchen Cabinet Promotion January 2015

Hi everyone, We would like to say Happy New Year 2015 to everyone of you here and thanks for your supports towards JT Design.

We have finally launched a very first promotion for kitchen cabinet in 2015.

Well! This kitchen cabinet promotion is finally launched after our team was working hard for this January promotion. With this promotion, you will get 8 free gifts when you choose this promotion. And we have a best deal. When you choosing this package, you can top-up to Solid Surface worktop at a lower rate compared to the current market price which they selling from RM160 to RM190 per foot run.

Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

In this kitchen cabinet promotion, you will get the items as stated below:

  1. Rubine chimney hood(1 year warranty from Factory).
  2. Rubine tempered glass designed gas cooker(1 year warranty from Factory).
  3. Quality single bowl sink(Grade: 304SS).
  4. Quality water tap(Nice design).
  5. Imported soft-closing door hinges(For all swing doors only).
  6. Spoon tray(basic type or upgrade to get better).
  7. 1st extra free gift: Pulling basket.
  8. 2nd extra free gift: Dishrack(800mm).

Standard Materials Option

With this promotion, you can easily get to see the prices between different materials in melamine abs, acrylic and 3G glass doors. All these packages come with high pressure laminated(HPL) worktop.

Upgrade For Better Worktop

Since HPL worktop is provided in our promotion packages, you have the option of upgrading to a better worktop if you want something tougher that meets your expectation. We have worktop materials in solid surface, granite and quartz stone.

Promotion Reservation

Interested to get this promotion but your house is not ready yet? No problem! You can dial our hotline to contact us for more information on promotion reservation, we will be happy to assist you in this matter.

Contact Us

Why wait? Pick your phone up and dial our hotline to contact us to get this promotion right away. You can easily obtain our contact number in contact page of our main website.

Take action to renovate your house before GST begin. So that you can save a lot of money. We always care of our customers.


JT DesiGn™

Date: 16/01/2015 Category: Blog

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