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Kitchen Cabinet Promotion 2014

Well well well! The kitchen cabinet promotion for the month of 2014 has finally launched. Guess what? This promotion is also described as Hari Raya Promotion for the year of 2014.

Kitchen Appliances & Accessories

In this promotion, you will get the accessories you needed to have in your kitchen. You will get Elba Slim Hood(a year warranty), Elba Tempered Glass Gas Cooker, Quality Single Bowl Sink(304), Quality Water Tap(Nicely Designed), Imported Soft-closing Hinges, Spoon Tray and Extra Free Gifts is Pulling Basket.

Extra Upgrading for Free

To make your kitchen cabinet lasts longer, we have decided to offer our customers free upgrading to aluminium skirting(maximum 14ft or top-up extra if it exceeds the maximum length). With aluminium skirting, you don’t need to worry about the water on the floor.

Free Items Are To Be Given Away, Not Returnable

Many has been hoping to take our promotion but they don’t want to take the free items provided in the promotion campaign so that they can get us to give a cheaper price. Actually, this is prohibited. For your information, the promotion price is much lower compared to our standard price. If you don’t want to take the free items, you can just keep it up on your own.


It is actually same with previous promotion. We launch this design with 4 different types of materials so that you can choose easily which material do you want and you can easily do the comparison within these 4 materials. What are they? They are Melamine ABS, Acrylic Door, 3G Glass Door and 4G Glass Door.

Grab Quartz Stone Top in Promotion Price

To salute the very moment of “Hari Raya”, we have discussed with our supplier to pick two hot picks color of quartz stone and sell it at a much lower rate during the Hari Raya moment. We have two colors selling at RM200 per foot run. Contact us for more information on quartz stone. This promotion ends after Hari Raya.

Promotion Reservation

You are still waiting for the key of the house? Or you are planning to renovate your kitchen? Not to worry! We allow you to book the promotion with just a small deposit as low as RM500(this deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the order). We will then refund the deposit upon order confirmation. Go to our promotion page to view more available promotions.

Contact Us

What are you waiting for? Pick your phone up and dial 014.338.2833 to contact us for an appointment. We will arrange the best time for you and meet you at your site. We provide outdoor service. If you are lazy to walk out of your house, you can just give us a call, we will be there for you.


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