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We build kitchen door for kitchen concrete top

Kitchen Concrete TopAre you planning to build a concrete table top for your wet kitchen? Please look for advises from kitchen cabinet specialist before you build it, so that we can make your wet kitchen fit nicely with kitchen doors in future when cabinetry work on progress. Based on our experiences, as we have visited unlimited numbers of houses, condos, we found that there are 70% of kitchen concrete top had done wrongly.

What mistakes are they? We often found that the depth of concrete either top and bottom of concrete are same. In this case, all kitchen doors will not able to complete nicely. I’m sure that you have a question mark on your mind. That is “Why so?”.

concrete table top platformYou might not understand what i am trying to tell you here. Please have a look at the picture on the left! From there, you can see that is the footer of concrete table top. There are many cases we have seen at site like this picture. The message that i’m going to tell you is, if you have a concrete table like this case, we have to install your kitchen door on top of the footer, and you might see hollow at the bottom line.

However, If you can’t imagine, please do not hesitate to call us up we will then able to have you a better explanation to make you understand more about this issue.

Concrete table top a part of trend of kitchen cabinet design

Why we say so? Tiles out there in the market, you will easily be able to find a nicely designed tiles to install on your kitchen area. Some of them are likely like a granite or quartz stone designed tiles.

Benefits of choosing concrete table top for kitchen

Some people might think of having a good design for kitchen, then they will not choose concrete table top. Just because there are many joining line visible for concrete top. But many people will still use concrete as their kitchen cabinet top. Because concrete table top lasts longer compared to other type of stone, especially solid surfaces.

However, we encourage you to call us up for better solution for your kitchen design. Our designers able to suggest a nice and practical design that right for your kitchen.

Contact us today to speak to our designers.


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Date: 26/11/2012 Category: Blog

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