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Kitchen Cabinet 3D Design in Minutes

Many has been asking, after on-site measurement, whether we provide 3D design for their kitchen cabinet design. Actually yes! But, there will be a small deposit required to be collected from customer for a 3D drawing preparation and this deposit will be refunded upon order confirmation or else will be forfeited, as we need time to do it.

3D Drawing Preparation

Don’t likely want to pay the deposit but want to view the design? We can immediately prepare 3D design when our customers come to our office for discussion about kitchen cabinet design. No on-site measurement needed, if you want to see the design only. We can prepare 3D drawing in minutes, as long as there is estimated dimension appears on the floor plan you provided.

Kitchen Cabinet & Wardrobe

Other than kitchen cabinet, we are also provide the design for wardrobe. By doing so, you can immediately see the design and spacing planning that makes your kitchen tidy. Once the design is being confirmed, we will come to pricing part.

Contact Us

You have a new house? Want to have immediate design for your kitchen? Welcome to visit us at our office. Please give us a call before you come over. All the times we will be outside for meeting up customers. You can also leave us comment on our JT DesiGn Business Page.


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Date: 29/07/2013 Category: Blog

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