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Interior Design For Your Home

Interior design is everything in your home just like blinds, wallpaper, plaster ceiling, and etc. Of course, kitchen cabinet is also a part of interior design. In interior design industry, there are many interior designers in the world wide. But, you might not able to get a right designer to design your house but you still need to pay them hundred to thousand of bucks just for the drawing.

We help in small part of interior design

JTDesiGn is not an interior design firm. But we can also help you in designing of such as kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, tv cabinet, your working area, pillar divider, counter bar and many more. The most important and the best value to our customers is designing is a part of free service after you have confirmed the order and we allow our customer to do changes to their design until the design meets their requirement.

Plaster ceiling for interior design

I believe that you should already have knew that plaster ceiling is playing a big role in interior design of a house especially your living area. I would like to share with you that we would recommend you a plaster ceiling guy that good in service and plaster ceiling workmanship. He has been in plaster ceiling line for more than 20 years. To obtain the contact number of plaster ceiling guy that i mention in this blog post, kindly contact us to obtain it as we respect the privacy of our business partners.


Many has been asking that whether we are selling wallpaper. Many of our customer would like us to become a one-stop-solution for them so that they do not need to find it shop by shop. The answer is “Yes”! But not at this moment. This is what we planning to get involved in future.


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