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Protect Your Acrylic Door

Did you know that you cannot wipe it by using a normal wet clothes? Otherwise, scratches will appear on all of your acrylic door. What should you do to protect it?

Peace of Mind with Acrylic Spray

Not to worry! We are here to help you, so that you can protect the shining effect and surface of acrylic door. We have a new product that helps to protect your acrylic door in your kitchen.

About VuPlex®

VuPlex® was designed for use within the demanding aviation industry and delivers a fast, safe, and effective solution to plastic maintenance. The ingredients in VuPlex® have been specifically selected and tested to deliver fast quality results with the minimum of effort and fuss. Some cleaners use abrasives to remove dirt and scratches. This not only introduces more scratches to the surface but over time weakens the plastic through constant plastic removal. VuPlex® works in reverse to this process by penetrating the dirt and grime in the surface and adding a fine layer of filling material that leaves the surface protected and adds a lustrous finish to clear and coloured plastics and makes plastic paints gleam like new.

A preventative as much as a cure!

VuPlex® is a preventative as much as a cure. If VuPlex® is applied when plastic is new, it protects the surface from premature aging. If the surface is already damaged with fine scratches and in-ground grime, VuPlex® will restore the surface and clarity, leaving a finish that is polished and protected.

How to Use VuPlex Acrylic Spray?

  • Shake can well & spray on lightly.
  • Wipe down with soft microfibre cloth.
  • Reapply to surface when cleaning is necessary.

VuPlex® is Multi Purpose Product

Other than acrylic door, VuPlex® also works on other material as well.

  • Composite bench tops & sanitary acrylics.
  • Stonework , granite & marble.
  • Glass & Mirror.
  • Polished metals.
  • Painted surfaces.

How Does VuPlex Acrylic Spray work?

  • it cleans using safe ingredients that won’t damage delicate high gloss surfaces. VuPlex cleans a broad range of common household stains.
  • Static that is built up in the high gloss surface and attracts other abrasive materials such as dust is controlled by VuPlex anti-static properties.
  • Some high gloss materials when new (acrylic co-polymers) are very soft when masking material is removed. VuPlex accelerates the hardening process protecting the surface from the outset.
  • Together with increased surface hardness. VuPlex also produces vastly improved scratch resistance by depositing a protective polymer film on the surface.
  • VuPlex has the ability to fill fine micro surface scratches in acrylic materials giving a greater luster on older acrylic materials.
  • Finally, water and other contaminates are repelled from the surface which is particularly important for stone and composite materials.

Where to buy?

If you are interested to get one to protect your acrylic door, please contact us right away. We can arrange to meet you up for goods delivery or deliver goods via courier service provided by Citi Link, DHP and Postlaju. If quantity in one order is more than 10 bottles, courier fees will be waived.


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Date: 2/07/2013 Category: Blog

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