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Kitchen Cabinet Promotion With Wardrobe

Good news! New promotion for the month of October 2015 has finally launched. We do totally different thing in this kitchen cabinet promotion. There is no hood, hob, sink, water tap, and others what we used to give away this time.

The main purpose of this promotion is, we want you to save money on your first unit of wardrobe where you get a 5 feet swing door wardrobe for only RM799(you save about RM800) while you have purchases of RM10,000 and above in our kitchen cabinet products.

Special of This Promotion

What else do you get while you enjoying this great saving offer? This wardrobe includes 2 pieces of drawer and 1 drawer lock for the first level of wardrobe.

Dimension of Wardrobe

Even if you get this wardrobe at RM799 only(more than 50% cheaper). But, we wouldn’t cut the size into 2 and the quality of the wardrobe is same as regular price that you pay. We will still give you this wardrobe in complete condition(height: up to 2850mm, depth: 550mm & length: 1500mm).

Materials of Wardrobe

This promotion wardrobe is made with melamine abs doors and high pressure compressed wood white carcass.

Colors for Wardrobe

Don’t worry! We won’t limit the choices of colors to only 1 or 2. We have up to 5 selected colors for you to choose to suit your taste.

Validity of This Promotion

This promotion will be valid for 2 months from the day this promotion launches(1st of October 2015). So, be hurry before this promotion ends.

You Are Entitled If

You are entitled to grab this promotion if only your RM10k purchase amount is pure amount(no promotional items involved).

Contact Us

Be hurry! This promotion will not be extended. Contact our sales designers for more detailed information on this promotion. You can easily obtain our contact number at our contact page. If you are lazy to take your phone up and dial, you can also contact us by online form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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