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Demolish of Existing Cabinets

Do you have any cabinets to be dismantled? Difficult to get someone to dismantle your cabinets? As we have surveyed the market, we found that there is no company willing to provide you this kind of service, if you want only to dismantle your cabinets. We can help you there, too.

Charges by Items

As you may know, dismantling cabinets takes about one day to two days to complete(depend on how many items you have). It would normally cost you by per item and the items’ sizes we going to dismantle.

Only Cabinet

Some of our customers asked, whether we demolish the concrete top since we have started the demolish work. The answer is “No”. We don’t demolish for the concrete table top as it needs different type of tools in order to demolish it. We are here to announce that we are only provide the service of cabinets demolishing. Only wooden material we can do it for you. If you want to dismantle the grill, concrete top, plaster ceiling and other works not related to wooden material, we are sorry to tell you that we can’t help you in this. Only wet works contractors can help.

Contact Us

It’s year end now. We are busy with our orders and production. But we are still able to provide you this kind of service. But we have to arrange our time for the cabinet dismantling. You can easily obtain our contact in our contact page. Wait no more! Pick up your phone and dial our hotline and make an appointment with us.


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Date: 24/11/2013 Category: Blog

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