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Concrete Table Top for Wet Kitchen

Many has been asking whether we provide the service to build concrete table top for their kitchen areas before the kitchen cabinet installation. The simple answer is, “No”!

But, if you would like to get a good contractor from us, we have some experienced contractors which have more than 10 years experience in this industry, and they are the reliable contractors that we have been working with together and they have done good workmanship for our customers.

Better Communication

You can just staying away from hassles and be peace of mind, if you choose the contractor that recommended by us, as we can have better communication while we start working for your kitchen. As you may know that if you choose other contractor which was not assigned by us, they may not listen to our advises and accept the instruction, which would cause a miscommunication at the end of the day and they may build a wrong type of concrete top.

Other Services

As you may already know, a contractor is not only doing the concrete top. They are also available for other works for interior and exterior works. Such as: hacking walls, removing walls, painting, mosaic work, tiling work, electricity works, curtains, carpet, flooring and etc. They will also provide you a quotation with a competitive price.

Obtaining Contacts

If you are planning to have concrete top built at your kitchen and looking for a reliable contractor, you are welcome to contact us by dialing our hotline 014.338.2833 or email us. We will then provide you the contact number of the recommended contractor.

Are You A Contractor?

Are you a contractor who reading this post? Interested to work with us, please do not hesitate to email us some of your works(before and after) to [email protected]. We will then contact you for further discussion. We’ll be having many customers who asking for the service in renovation works, at the same time we can recommend your service to our customers.


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Date: 27/02/2014 Category: Blog

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