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Blum Mechanism for Kitchen Cabinet

blum blumotionThe Blum name stands for innovation, motivated employees and top-quality products. Julius Blum founded his company on 1 March 1952 and produced his first product: a horseshoe stud.

Strong Brand

Blum turns the opening and closing of furniture into an experience that significantly increases the comfort of motion in all areas of the house, but especially the kitchen. Over 5000 employees are working worldwide realising their goal to create perfect motion for Blum fittings systems. Within this process, they always focus on the needs of the kitchen and furniture user.

Blum’s fittings systems shout “high quality” with their well-thought-out function, recognized design and high durability. They are designed to spark inspiration and create an emotional experience out of day-to-day kitchen tasks.

Quality Products

Blum produces different type of products that make your kitchen a perfect kitchen as they have good quality in soft-closing system for swing doors, drawer and up-opening door. Other than these, they have others such as space organizer for bottles, plates and etc whether in tall cabinet and base cabinet.

Blum is a high demand in Kitchen Cabinet

We will highly introducing the products of Blum to our customers, they will be able to get to know more of their products and its advantages and functionality. This company is also gives a long period of warranty for each products that they produced.

Our Customers’ Preferred Brand

After our customer understood the advantages and functionality of it, they would rather choose Blum instead of normal mechanism. Because they see the value of the products.

Start using Blum

If your budget doesn’t allow, but you wanted to try this out great products, you can try for few units at your swing doors units. With Blum mechanism, your kitchen cabinet can be handleless. Once you have experienced it, you will feel the greatness and you will also tell yourself and your friends about Blum is a brand that worth to try!


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Date: 15/05/2013 Category: Blog

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