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Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet At Lake Vista Puchong

Well! We have completed another set of kitchen cabinet in a town house located in Lake Vista Puchong. Lake Vista is located in Puchong Taman Tasik Prima. Many of our customers love acrylic very much just because of its shining effects and it presents the feel of modern design of a kitchen, as it can be handleless and frameless.

Material of Acrylic Door

About Acrylic door, the acrylic type that being used by companies out there is compressed wood supported acrylic. What will happen if it’s compressed wood supported acrylic? The very first problem you will face is, the door will easily bent no matter how long the door size is. The second problem is, the door will be very heavy, this makes door hinges spoil easily. Therefore, we avoid this kind of material.

Multiply Panel Acrylic

What do we use? We have tried over again and again and finally we found out a new material which is good to acrylic door. We use multiply panel to support the acrylic door. So, our acrylic door is called as “Multiply Panel Acrylic”. After we start using this material, our reputation has now become stronger. Most of customers talk about acrylic kitchen cabinet, they will recall our company name.

Granite Black Galaxy

Table top for this kitchen cabinet is Granite Black Galaxy. What is the special of our Granite Black Galaxy? The luminosity of our Granite Surface is higher compared to others but yet the price we are selling it at a lower price compared to companies out there. Why pay more to get a low quality granite black galaxy top?

To view this design, please visit our project gallery to view more designs that we have done.


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Date: 13/12/2013 Category: Blog

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