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Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet

Well! Again, we have done a kitchen cabinet project in a condominium named “Maskiara Residences” where located at Taman Tun, Petaling Jaya(PJ) for one of our customer.

We have already completed few projects for the units in Condo Maskiara Residences that recommended by our existing customers who stay there.

They will recommend their friends to JT DesiGn just because our pricing is reasonable and achieves the quality of work that meets the satisfactory of our customers.

Sticker That Protects Acrlic Doors

If you do not understand, you might think and ask that why the doors are looking so weird? Haha! That is really weird if you leave the sticker there. If you know that is a sticker, you might also ask why we don’t take it off for our customer? We’ll tell you why now. The reason why we don’t take the sticker off from the doors is just because the house is still in progress with other renovation works such as plaster ceiling, painting and etc.

If this is a project of acrylic kitchen cabinet, we would give advises to our customers that all the renovation should be done before kitchen cabinet work. The sticker is to protect the doors from being scratched and also being dusty.

Contact Us For On-site Measurement

You have a unit in condo Maskiara Residences? Feel free to contact us for free on-site measurement and design consultation. We will provide you an official quotation after we have quoted everything that you need.

Visit our kitchen cabinet gallery to see more pictures.


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Date: 7/02/2013 Category: Blog

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