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· About JT DesiGn®‡  Our Facebook Page has been hacked!!!

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Our old FB Page has gone!!!

Oh my godness! Sadly to tell everyone that, the bad moments have came to us. It’s too late when we noticed that our Facebook page has been hacked and lose the access to the page administration!

By the way, we have submitted a report to Facebook, hope that they will help to get the page back. Our FB page has more than 56,000 fans in total.

Be Alerted

Since the day we created our Facebook page, we have never asked customers to make payment or provide confidential information. Our sales persons are the one will ask for the payment when you agreed to the deal.

Our New FB Page

We unsure if we can get the old official FB page, therefore we have promptly created a new FB page to run our business. Luckily that we have our good customers who are supportive. We have 300++ fans now. We hope to hear from you all. Here is the link to visit our brand new FB page.

We will work harder to upload more photos to the page so all of you can see the completed works.

So sorry for any inconvenient caused!

With regards,
Management of JT DesiGn™


JT DesiGn™

Date: 21/05/2019 Category: Announcement

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