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Promotion for Wardrobe Design

Good news!
In the month of October 2013, We have finally worked out a promotion for wardrobe. This promotion is for swing door wardrobe design. But also applicable for anti jump sliding wardrobe, as you just need to top-up extra for the sliding door.

Wardrobe Promotion 1[expired]

With this promotion, you will be able to save more money. Because we allow you can get our drawer at a lower rate which is Rm60 per piece(normal rate RM90 per piece).

This promotion is no longer valid

Upgrading to Sliding Door

  • Fully Melamine Board: RM140pfr
  • Melamine mixed with Frosted Glass: RM160pfr
  • Fully Frosted Glass: RM180pfr
  • Mirror mixed with Melamine Board or Frosted Glass: RM180pfr
  • Fully Mirror: RM200pfr

Swing Door Wardrobe Price Range

  • 5 feet and above: RM380pfr
  • 7 feet and above: RM360pfr
  • 10 feet and above: RM340pfr
  • 20 feet and above: RM320pfr

Terms & Conditions for Wardrobe

  • “Drawer@RM60 per piece” is limited to 3 pieces for a single wardrobe. If you want to take more than 3 drawers in a single wardrobe, you are required to get it at normal rate which is RM90 per piece for shorter than 600mm and RM120 per piece for length longer than 600mm.
  • Our wardrobe rate starts from RM320 – RM380 per feet. The longer your wardrobe is, the lower price(lowest at RM320pfr) you will get. For a single wardrobe, only 20ft or more will be entitled for RM320pfr.
  • The prices stated above are according to our standard height as 3000mm. Extra charges is payable if your ceiling height is more than 3000mm.

- Page updated on 3 November 2018. -